For Our Environment

Maintaining Environmental Responsibility

District cooling is proven to create a significant positive environmental and recreational impact – all while conserving energy.

Through providing local, renewable, reliable, and comfortable cooling for the buildings of downtown Honolulu, district cooling will reduce Hawaii’s dependency on imported oil, the use of refrigerants, potable water, sewage, and chemicals used for air conditioning.

Once constructed, the only visible part of the cooling system will be the cooling station located in Kakaako. The seawater pipes will be placed below the ground, deep under the shoreline. These pipes will take deep, cold ocean water from more than four miles off the shoreline, to the cooling station where the coldness of the water is transferred to a closed loop pipeline system (district cooling) and then provided to customer buildings. When the water returns to the ocean, it will be slightly warmer than its original temperature. It will be released through a diffuser that mixes with ambient water. This process meets Hawaii’s water quality standards, including State and Federal requirements. When installed, the concrete anchor collars on the submerged pipe will provide a habitat for coral and fish.

District cooling is Cool. Green. Clean.

For years to come.