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Competitive Advantage

Cold seawater – a sustainable and natural energy resource – can offer building owners stable and predictable costs. Compared to an on-site conventional air conditioning system, costs for district cooling are made up of 2/3 generally more stable capital costs – while only 1/3 represents operating expenses. This will greatly reduce a building owner's dependency on fossil fuels and their rising costs. Of more direct impact to a building owner, it will eliminate the need to recapitalize expensive on-site equipment currently used to create a building's own chilled water.

Historical oil development chart

Current Oil Price

  • Provides reliable 24/7 convenience and comfort
  • Reduces and stabilizes cooling costs
  • Offers operational peace of mind
  • Eases maintenance burdens
  • Enhances corporate reputation as a direct supporter of renewable and sustainable practices
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Improves LEED and Energy Star ratings
  • Provides measurable environmental benefits